by: Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. on 

I want to tell you a true story that actually happened. A man was on a safari in Africa when a lion attacked and started to eat him. As the lion was pulling the muscles off his back, his best friend came upon the scene and shot the lion.

The man laid in a coma for three months in the hospital, and his friend happened to be there when the man came to. Instantly, a beatific ear-to-ear grin came across the man’s face, and he said, “THAT was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced!”

What had happened is that as he went into shock from the assault, his brain released all of its endorphins at once, producing an absolutely blissful experience. He was on his way out on a chariot of delight when his friend shot the lion.

Now following the usual natural rules of the game on this planet, an antelope will be in tip top form until about four days before it is set to leave.  It then slows down in its actions and reflexes, and a lion takes it out.  But it goes out in bliss!

Another example. We are in the midst of a Cosmic transformation that will among many, many other things raise the vibrational frequency of this entire physical Universe an octave to the fourth (Heart) chakra level. 

This means that it is no longer possible for a person vibrating in their soul on the third chakra level or lower to continue to be here or to return here. All such individuals will indeed “meet their Maker” soon.

But instead of a Divine finger pointing at them and saying, “You go to Heaven and you go to Hell” the “Home Office” (All that Is) will say to them something like:  “You can no longer come and learn in this physical universe any more.  But there are billions of other universes out there, so let’s pick a planet where you can bring your human experience to “jump start” them in their consciousness elevation as you continue in developing yours."

The sum and substance of all of this is that the Cosmos is a Joy-based and Love-permeated phenomenon, and the Natural Course of things is for us to learn on a positive expansive spiral of experiences, with the exception of Destiny-required negative events designed to expand our soul.  It is a win-win Cosmos!

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