Gone thru X3 Vacuum cleaners in less than 6 months!

In the past 6 months I have went through 3 Vacuum cleaners - this is after having the same Great Vacuum for over 8 years- what the heck is going on???? I’m not sure if you know this but Michael has a book on Household Hot Spots and it is now being printed. We are scheduled for delivery 10/4. It is on Pre-sale now and this will be the cheapest this book will ever be.  I know we have hundreds of people waiting for this book. https://talkinghearts.net/collections/books/products/household-hot-spots 

Household Hot Spots book-

VACUUM CLEANER (excerpt from Household Hot Spots)

“Emotionally emancipating.” They are severing the “tie that grinds” with their family. They are the product of an enmeshed and possessive family system. They are encountering difficulties in the process, due to the severity of the pattern, but they are being encouraged to keep up the good work.

This is hilarious to me since I recently have gotten Very Clear about what my next steps are in life and I really don’t care what others might think- I am Hyper focused and need little support.


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