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Book Related FAQs

Messages From The Body

Aren’t bodily disorders really the results of things like wear and tear, aging, environmental contaminants, genetics, stress, etc.?

Physical factors like those indicated above do play a role in bodily disorders, but they are not the “causes” of the problems. They are vulnerability factors that erode the body’s coping and regenerative capabilities, and that “lay the groundwork of,” “set the scene for” or “complicate” debilitations or breakdowns that are precipitated by the state of your consciousness.

The true “causal agents” are your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your energy patterns – short, your consciousness (both that we are aware of and our unconscious and subconscious states). It is this that is the true precipitator of bodily disorders.

The fact of the matter is that the Universe is composed of consciousness patterns, and Love is the driving energy of everything, accompanied by Joy and Fascination. The absence of Love generates Fear and all of its derivatives, such as anger, guilt and despair and disgust/contempt/hatred. Physics is now the study of Consciousness and, as some physicists call it, the “Mind Of God” – the Divine Design. It has by now bee overwhelmingly demonstrated that all of the Universe IS consciousness patterns.

For that reason, things like remote viewing, psychic capabilities, spiritual phenomena – and all of reality – are consciousness forces and events. The spaces between molecules are composed of patterned consciousness, and everything is connected to everything. As the old saying went (in paraphrase), “As you think, so it becomes.”

It is for that reason that the “dictionaries” such as Message From The Body look into the underlying consciousness patterns that are the precipitants of the disorders, their contents, their etiology and their effects on your emotional body (your consciousness).

The items are very carefully worded to communicate directly to your “inner child,” who experienced all the formative events and who had to cope with, adapt to, and respond to everything that happened as you formed up.

The problem is that the “inner child” is a built-in biologic defense system, and it was not equipped at the time that the developmental processes occurred to understand what was going on.

It had to develop emotional body interpretations to handle them – which then stayed with you until your “inner child” can comprehend with everything it has experienced with you since then so as to “re-framed history” as one group of healers calls the process.

That re-framing then sets you free from the long ago “illusional conclusions” that were all the “inner child” could come up with at the time. And that in turn re-tunes your understanding of everything, which liberates your consciousness.

I have a current issue that I am dealing with but it is not my present thought pattern any more (yes… it was very much 100% true long ago)- it is “Old Stuff” now. How do we move through old stuff so it will not arise in our lives any more?

There is a “reverse traversion of the spiral” process in healing. “Reversing the traversion of the spiral” means that when we heal, the first layer of the healing process deals with the current manifestations of the emotional pain/damage. Then you move on to other things, but because of the clearing of the current problem, the next earlier layer of the problem comes up to be healed, and we deal with that manifestation of the problem, and so on until you get to the point of origin of the pain/damage.

These almost always go all the way back to the beginning, perhaps even intrauterine. Those are hard to dislodge because everything else in your nature was built around the “tweak” of the original wound. What that all means is that when we heal, we “re-visit” the wound as many times as there are bends in the formation spiral that were affected by the “tweak” and when we get to the origin point, it’s the hardest heal because so much was distorted by it later on in your development.

So we get a paradoxical outcome where you are one inch away from removing the whole thing for once and for all toward the end of your healing process, and it proves to be really recalcitrant to release it.

What you do is to just patiently keep the pressure on and surf out the upheavals hat ancient wound makes as it howls in protest about “You’re going to sink the whole ship!” and other leftovers from long ago. It’s a pain in the butt, hang in there though. It IS the “last grasp” by the problem, and once the fight is over, the pain and damage are gone for good.

Is there a separate book on how to intervene with the disorders in Messages From the Body and other “dictionaries” -- on “fixing them,” if you will?

No there is not, and therein lies a tale. There are several considerations involved here. The first and most basic consideration is that EVERYTHING IS PATTERNED CONSCIOUSNESS -- and that includes rocks, stars and our bodies.

What that means in the light of this question is that the material in the items is in effect designed to transform the consciousness of the reader. The informational content is a part of that, but most of the impact that the items have lies in how the information is presented, on how it is said. It goes directly to the unconscious of the individual (particularly the part called the “inner child” that was generated as the person developed in childhood). The “message” that the body is transmitting with the disorder is translated into meanings that the individual's personal unconscious understands, resulting in a transformation of the person's consciousness, which means a re-patterning of the individual's consciousness.

It is this transformation that is the “active ingredient” in the items. In other words, the items are the intervention, and they affect the very core of the person's beingness and consciousness. Which then results in the marshalling of physiologic, psychological, andCosmic forces to bring about positive changes in the individual's fundamental nature.

This, in turn, releases the individual from entrapment in and enslavement to the “inner child's” uninformed interpretations from way back when. This allows the person to bring to bear on the damaged consciousness syndrome that lies at the base of the disorder all of their ego and soul resources for the problem-solving and destiny-re-designing purposes that take place on the subconscious level.

Now the role of the practitioner in all this is to utilize all their personal and Cosmic resources to facilitate this consciousness transformation process. And that, in turn raises a number of considerations to bear in mind when working with people in this manner.

In the first place, intervention is truly based on the old maxim, it all depends . . . In addition to everything being patterned consciousness, everything is also contextual. What that means in practice is a “forest” of “if. . . then . . .” statements that would have to be laid out if you are going to try to list specific interventions for each item.

Everything is multi-faceted, and both the individual themselves and the practitioner have to keep in mind that it is not possible to come up with a discrete list of steps in a universal intervention procedure because it all depends . . .

And then add in the resources, experience and fields of expertise and non-expertise of any practitioner, the nature of the person you are working with, and all the contextual considerations that are involved in any situation, and you end up with the necessity to be careful how you intervene in these terms as well. In short, the truth of the matter is that it is not possible to come up with a “fix-it” list for all of the above reasons. Hence, no book on it.

Allergies and Aversions

I have found this book very helpful in identifying my negative maternal conditioning. I have been using it to help us when I work with my daughter and her Crohn’s disease using kinesiology and theta healing. Do you have any more advice for mothers working.

What you are doing is hugely helpful to your daughter. I don't know how old she is, but one thing you can do is to share with her what happened to you and its effects, along with reports of what you are learning and changing about yourself as you go along in your healing and in hers. Of course, you have to keep it age-relevant as you speak of these things, but any and all sharing of your mistakes (described as their being what you learned from your mother) and your insights and experiences in an age-appropriate manner is enormously healing, inspiring and liberating for her.

She especially needs to hear that it is not her fault, but rather it was your damaged functioning before you found out what happened to you and what it did to you, as you began working on yourself. You are the ultimate role model on this for her. Also, remember, it was not your fault either.

It would probably be a very good idea to re-read the introduction to Allergies and Aversions to refresh your memory, and to give you information with which to teach your daughter.

Now when there is more than one character associated with a disorder, the person can be experiencing, one, two or more of the emotional dynamics and behavioral patterns.

You have to study each character to see if it fits and lo see what would be needed for them to release themselves from their pattern(s). For instance, the "exploitative dysfunctional family" might be the resultant of your being so hung up in your problems that you couldn't be there for her.

So start being there for her -- with no guilt trips in you or from you. Clean up the mess and make lemonade out of all the lemons! Like, What did you learn from all of that? What resources would you not have, had you not been able to go through all that? And what seems to have been the larger Purpose of your having become who you are as a result of all that? I hope this proves to be useful for you and for her.

My Car, Myself

If car issues happen, will it then take away the bad karma that I was carrying to make the issue happen in the first place?

Car breakdowns or any of the issues that arise are not karma. They are just the natural consequences of the side-effects of your emotional pain. In the case of car issues, that means that your aura is perturbed in a particular way by the emotional pain, and then your aura perturbs your car’s aura in the same way your aura is. That, in turn, leads to the particular car part or function that is affected by the aura disturbance and that aspect of the car’s functioning breaks down.

The purpose of the items is to inform your “inner child” what happened at the time the wound originally happened and the effects it is having on you now. When the “inner child” gets what the real story is (and it is never because of some defect in you, but rather what was going down at the time with your family), she/he can let go of that and the emotional pain heals. Heal your pain and the car doesn’t do that again. Fix your car and don’t heal the pain, and your car will break down again.

Do you have any recommended healing modalities?

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