Enter a New Awareness - Books by Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. / Narayan Singh Khalsa

Customer Reviews

"This is the second time I have ordered this book Messages from the Body, once as a gift and now for myself. I was introduced to this book while in massage school. On several occasions was told to get the book. I was amazed at how reading the Psychological meaning helped the healing begin. This is truly a tool that I will use in my massage practice."


"When you can handle the TRUTH!!! Get this book! I have used this book for my patients and myself for many years with Amazing accuracy."

Dr. John

"Dr. Michael is right on! I have had this manual for a couple of weeks, during that time I have used EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) scripts correlating to the information he provides with awesome results! Note: I get the tough clients... where nothing else works... and using EFT to address the underlying emotions defined by Dr. Lincoln really supercharges the way I can help my clients!"


"This is an amazing book Messages from the Body. The box arrived: I opened the box, opened the book randomly and read the item that was on that page. It was an ailment I had often as a child and had since forgotten about. Reading the description, I knew how "right on" the issue was. I can't imagine not having this book in my library!"