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It is our mission as a company to assist those ready and willing to “Enter a New Awareness,” by merely showing them what they already know at the Heart level. Celebrating over 50 years of Michael J. Lincoln's, life's work. 

In our opinion, the Messages from the Body book should be in every house (like the Betty Crocker cookbook of mental health and awareness) and this is just one of many great books. The author, Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D., is a brilliant man who was way before his time (he has been swimming upstream since the 1960’s-), and a true asset to this Earth.

Dr. Michael J. Lincoln dedicated the last several years of his life to updating and expanding his works. As a company, we don’t mass print overseas, we only print in the US and we let people find Michael's work organically- he never liked us to 'market' his work.

Wishing you All much Awareness, Joy and Happiness.
Remember, Awareness is Power!



Book Reviews

This is the second time I have ordered this book Messages from the Body, once as a gift and now for myself. I was introduced to this book while in massage school. On several occasions was told to get the book. I was amazed at how reading the Psychological meaning helped the healing begin. This is truly a tool that I will use in my massage practice.


When you can handle the TRUTH!!! Get this book! I have used this book for my patients and myself for many years with Amazing accuracy.

Dr. John

Dr. Michael is right on! I have had this manual for a couple of weeks, during that time I have used EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) scripts correlating to the information he provides with awesome results! Note: I get the tough clients... where nothing else works... and using EFT to address the underlying emotions defined by Dr. Lincoln really supercharges the way I can help my clients!


This is an amazing book Messages from the Body. The box arrived: I opened the box, opened the book randomly and read the item that was on that page. It was an ailment I had often as a child and had since forgotten about. Reading the description, I knew how "right on" the issue was. I can't imagine not having this book in my library!


Messages from the Body has been an eye opening in more ways than one and has far exceeded my expectations with all the information packed in. An encyclopedia for the emotional triggers to dis-ease and other physical ailments. I have training as an RN (no longer work in the acute care setting) and can relate with my clinical experience to this material. It's been one "ah-ha" moment after another and worth every penny!


Messages from the Body by Michael Lincoln, Ph.D. gives the reader a rare glimpse into the workings of the subconscious so that awareness of the causative forces behind physical imbalance may facilitate healing. After thorough instructions to assist the reader in getting the most from this text and details about the author's life experiences that enabled him to write it, it launches into an alphabetical listing of symptoms from “abdominal cramps” to “yellow fever.” Each symptom has one or more accompanying evolutionary patterns detailing how this physical symptom may have come into manifestation. Scientific literature, clinical experience, life learning, inner knowing and other-dimensional sources are all cited as source material for this text.

Its directness and precision when describing the underlying causes of symptoms is unmatched in other books of this type; it does not try to find a kinder, gentler way of looking at one's past, and requires openness, self-honesty and strength to look at one's challenges in this light. Although not all meanings will be directly applicable to all people, a high percentage will see correlation between the text and their life experiences.

This book is fascinating, absorbing and easily readable. It is broad in its scope including a wide variety of physical symptoms, structural and bodily symbolism, genetic/constitutional problems, structural distortions, and more. Although it is expensive and not widely distributed, holistic practitioners will find it to be an invaluable tool for assisting clients in the examination of the underlying causes of their physical challenges.

Mary Thompson   Yogi Times 

Absolutely phenomenal and insightful groundbreaking energy medicine! I have purchased six other books by Dr. Lincoln and ALL are highly recommended!


The book is even more than I expected. The descriptions are on target for every problem that I've looked up. This book has given me a new perspective on why I feel the way I do and how I respond to specific situations. I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks holistic healing and/or personal growth.