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The Two Angers - A Discussion

"There are two types of Angers, only one has been generally recognized.  Unfortunately, the one that has been known about has dominated human functioning throughout History. And so we think it is the one and only kind."

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I want to tell you a true story that actually happened. A man was on a safari in Africa when a lion attacked and started to eat him. As the lion was pulling the muscles off his back, his best friend came upon the scene and shot the lion.

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Incidental Conditioning

by: Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. on Sunday, September 01, 2013 All of us have little personal idiosyncrasies that mark us as unique individuals. These can arise from a number of sources, such as culture, genetics and living environments over an extended period of time. I want to talk about perhaps the most pervasive and little noted source of such “peculiarities.” What is being referred to here is the fact that more than anything else, we are “learning machines.” In other words, we have a few residual “instincts.” They are genetically and intra-uterine environment-acquired mechanisms that, in effect, build into our functioning “hard-wired” patterns....

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Addictions… Where do they come from?

by: Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. on Thursday, August 15, 2013 We live in an institutionalized, impersonal society in which individual initiative is systematically undermined while the culture is simultaneously extolling its virtues. We are therefore addiction-prone, especially to things that can give the illusion of power over our lives and environs. Comfort-seeking has become an over-riding goal in many people’s lives, due to an overwhelming sense of powerlessness to do anything significant or effective about the world and their lives. This, in turn, generates a deep-seated need for some way to relieve the anxiety associated with being, in effect, unable to determine the...

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