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What's in a Face?

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    This book is an in depth “face reading dictionary,” if you will, of the psychological, (and sometimes Sacred), meanings of the facial structure, with over 1200 entries! It describes what the cumulative human wisdom has recognized as the meanings of various aspects of long-standing facial structures, in terms of their psychological and destiny implications.  The ancient Chinese system for this is called, “Shiang Mien” (pronounced; SEE-ahng MEE-un), which means “investigating spirit.”  

    The contents of this book include the utilizable theories of Shiang Mien, plus the author’s own experiences over the last 40+ years of study in this subject.  The real information residing in the face is composed of configurations in the facial features, and most of the information lies in the fine-grained characteristics of the face and their interrelationships and not in the large facial structures, per se. Humans are highly complex beings and as a result, many of the items in this book have multiple characteristics associated with them. 

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